ДомСлучаиНепрерывные инновации способствуют качественному развитию. Компания Zhongtian Petrochemical добавила два новых продукта, прошедших оценку провинции.

Непрерывные инновации способствуют качественному развитию. Компания Zhongtian Petrochemical добавила два новых продукта, прошедших оценку провинции.



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On November 18, 2019, Anhui Zhongtian Petrochemical Co., Ltd. organized a new product appraisal meeting in Hefei, and the two new products independently developed "FZC heavy-duty bearing grease" and "FNG high-temperature resistant grease" passed smoothly identified by the participating experts.

The appraisal committee is composed of senior industry experts and professors from University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University, etc. The participating experts listened to reports on product technology research summary, innovation points, application verification, economic and social benefits, etc., and reviewed relevant technical materials , after questioning and discussion, it was unanimously believed that "FZC heavy-duty bearing grease" and "FNG high temperature resistant grease" have complete and standardized identification materials, and the products are highly innovative and advanced in formula design and preparation process. It has broad application prospects and the overall technology has reached the domestic advanced level. It is agreed that the two products have passed the appraisal.

These two new products can meet the higher requirements for the performance of lubricating materials put forward by the upgrading of equipment technology in various industries under the situation of environmental protection, energy saving and high-quality development. Among them, FZC heavy-duty bearing grease is suitable for heavy-duty bearings of heavy-duty vehicles, large-scale machinery and other equipment , FNG high-temperature grease is suitable for high-temperature equipment in metallurgy, building materials, mining, chemical industry and other fields. It can greatly extend the service life and improve production efficiency. It can fully achieve the quality effect of similar imported products and bring considerable comprehensive benefits to users.

Zhongtian Petrochemical Company always adheres to scientific and technological innovation, continuously increases the research and development of new products, and provides unremitting power for the company to achieve high-quality development. The company now has an academician workstation and a provincial enterprise technology center. It is the sponsor of the Anhui Lubricating Grease Engineering Technology Research Center and the Anhui Provincial Lubricating Grease Standardization Technical Committee. Established a close school-enterprise cooperation relationship with outstanding research and development achievements. It has more than 80 scientific and technological achievements, high-tech products, and various patents. Industry Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "Anhui Province Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in Anhui Province" and other honorary titles. Comprehensive indicators such as enterprise production capacity scale, brand influence, and technical and economic strength rank among the forefront among private enterprises in the same industry.

Technological innovation is endless. In the future, the company will continue to base itself on the market, overcome difficulties, further improve the innovation ability of key core technologies, research and develop more high-performance lubrication products that meet market demand, and ensure that customers are provided with high-quality and efficient products and services.

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