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Deeply expanding cooperation relationship between Zhongtian Petrochemical and HELI Group



On the afternoon of February 17th, Gao Xiaomou, Chairman of Zhongtian Petrochemical Group, led a team to the headquarters of Anhui Forklift Group for exchange and talks to deepen cooperation. Yang Anguo, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the board of Anhui Heli Forklift Group Co., Ltd., Zhang Yingquan, deputy general manager of Anhui Heli Co., Ltd., Tong Bingyan, director of the Materials Department and other leaders received warmly.

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Chairman Yang Anguo warmly welcomed the visit of Chairman Gao Xiaomou and his delegation, fully acknowledging and thanking Zhongtian Petrochemical for providing high-quality products and services.

Chairman Gao Xiaomou gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation, outstanding advantages, and future development plans of Zhongtian Petrochemical Company. After years of development, Zhongtian Petrochemical has grown from a follower in the industry back then to a leader in the industry today. Nowadays, the company has a first-class research and development center and technical team in the industry, with innovative capabilities leading domestic peers. Over the years, the company has achieved remarkable research and development results, successfully completing a series of scientific and technological research tasks assigned by national ministries and commissions, providing users with numerous personalized and customized products, which has a huge impact in the industry. Chairman Gao Xiaomou stated that Heli Forklift is a demonstration and role model for the manufacturing industry in Anhui Province, a "leading goose" in the national forklift industry, and has created enormous economic and social value for the country. He expressed gratitude to Heli Group for providing services to the company, and sincerely invited Chairman Yang Anguo and relevant leaders to visit and guide the company. He looks forward to fully leveraging the advantages of close service provided by local enterprises in Anhui in future cooperation, Enhance the breadth and depth of cooperation between both parties, and contribute to the development of new products and business operations of Heli.

Chairman Yang Anguo fully acknowledges the achievements and position of Zhongtian Petrochemical in the lubricating oil industry. He highly praises Zhongtian Petrochemical for fully leveraging its technological research and development advantages and efficiently solving user difficulties. He believes that Zhongtian Petrochemical will become stronger and larger. At the same time, he stated that he will further deepen the bilateral cooperation relationship and enhance the level of cooperation.

Zhongtian Petrochemical and HELI Group manufacturer Zhongtian Petrochemical and HELI Group for sale

Both sides expressed that in the new era of high-quality development, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are mutually empowered, working together for win-win results, jointly promoting enterprise development, fulfilling social responsibilities, and making more and greater contributions to jointly building a better Anhui.

Yang Guifang, Vice President of Zhongtian Petrochemical Group, and Wen Yaofu, Director of Business Department, attended the meeting.

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