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Slideway Oil & High-Temperature Grease-Lubricating Industrial Machinery



When it comes to industrial applications involving high temperatures and heavy machinery, high-temperature lubricating grease and way oils play a crucial role. Let's further explore their importance, characteristics, and specific applications in industrial machinery.

  1. Ultra high temperature grease:

Characteristics: High-temperature lubricating grease is a lubricant designed specifically for high-temperature environments and has the following characteristics:

  • High-temperature stability: High-temperature lubricating grease can maintain stable lubricating performance under extreme high-temperature conditions, ensuring that machinery can operate for long periods in high-temperature environments without lubrication failure.
  • Antioxidant: Due to the intensification of oxidation reactions in high-temperature environments, high-temperature lubricating grease has excellent antioxidant properties, can reduce the degradation and oxidation of fatty acids, and prolong the service life of the lubricant.
  • Good sealing performance: High-temperature lubricating grease can maintain its viscosity at high temperatures and provide good sealing performance, effectively preventing lubricant leakage.

Applications: High-temperature lubricating grease is widely used in many industrial fields:

  • Steel and metallurgical industries: In equipment such as high-temperature furnaces, drying equipment, and rolling mills, high-temperature lubricating grease is used to lubricate bearings, gears, and chains to ensure their normal operation under high-temperature conditions.
  • Glass manufacturing industry: In glass kilns and glass molds, high-temperature lubricating grease is used to lubricate transmission devices, guide rails, and scrapers to reduce friction and wear.
  • Ceramic and tile production: In ceramic and tile kilns, high-temperature lubricating grease can be used to lubricate bearings, chains, and transmission systems to ensure the continuous operation of equipment.
  1. Slideway oil:

Characteristics: Way oil is an important lubricant applicable to various industrial machinery and has the following characteristics:

  • Excellent adhesion: Way oil can firmly adhere to the surface of mechanical components, form a stable lubricating film, and reduce friction and wear.
  • High load-bearing capacity: Way oil can withstand high loads and high-speed movements while maintaining good lubrication effects.
  • Anti-wear: Way oil has excellent anti-wear properties, which can reduce the wear between mechanical components and prolong the service life of equipment.

Applications: Way oil plays a crucial role in various industrial machinery:

  • Machine tool: Way oil is widely used in various machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders, for lubricating guide rails and sliding blocks to ensure the accuracy, stability, and service life of machine tools.
  • Press: Way oil can be used for lubricating the sliding block and guide rail of hydraulic or mechanical presses to reduce friction and wear, improve the efficiency and accuracy of the press.
  • Injection molding machine: In injection molding machines, way oil can be used to lubricate the guide rails of molds to prevent premature wear, ensure the consistency and quality of product dimensions.

High-temperature lubricating grease and way oil are essential in high-temperature and heavy machinery applications. High-temperature lubricating grease can provide stable lubrication and protection under extreme high-temperature conditions, while way oil ensures smooth motion, precision, and service life of machinery. Proper selection and use of these lubricants, regular maintenance and replacement, can improve the performance of industrial machinery, reduce downtime, and extend the service life of equipment.