ДомНовостиПоследние новостиZhongtian Petrochemical была выбрана «Национальным предприятием по демонстрации интеллектуальной собственности».

Zhongtian Petrochemical была выбрана «Национальным предприятием по демонстрации интеллектуальной собственности».



Recently, the China National Intellectual Property Administration announced the evaluation results of "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises and Demonstration Enterprises in 2022", and a total of 482 enterprises across the country are proposed to be identified as national intellectual property demonstration enterprises. After enterprise evaluation, recommendation, reporting, and review confirmation, Anhui Zhongtian Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has been successfully selected for the 2022 "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises" list due to its industry-leading independent innovation ability and intellectual property strategic management strength.

Zhongtian Petrochemical and HELI Group manufacturer Zhongtian Petrochemical and HELI Group for sale

This honor is another national honor in the field of intellectual property after the company was awarded the title of "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", and it is another affirmation of our company's technological innovation and brand creation by the country! The "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" is the highest evaluation granted by the state for the comprehensive development of enterprises' intellectual property creation, application, protection, and management capabilities. It aims to cultivate and form a group of demonstration enterprises with intellectual property strategic management concepts, outstanding comprehensive competitive advantages in intellectual property, and industry influence and benchmark, influencing and driving a large number of enterprises to effectively enhance market competitive advantages by using intellectual property.

Zhongtian Petrochemical and HELI Group manufacturer Zhongtian Petrochemical and HELI Group for sale

Adhering to the development concept of "scientific and technological innovation, excellent lubrication", since its establishment in 1998, Zhongtian Petrochemical has always adhered to technological innovation, management excellence, brand reputation, team strength, model excellence, and value creation, and made every effort to promote the development of enterprises in the direction of innovation driven, green and low-carbon, and steadily developed into a leader in China's lubricating oil industry.

The company has established the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center, Academician Workstation, and Postdoctoral Workstation. It is the organizer of the Anhui Provincial Lubricating Oil Standardization Technical Committee, and has a large research and development team composed of lubricating oil experts. It leads or participates in the formulation of multiple national and industry standards, and has undertaken and successfully completed the torch plan issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as high-quality development Major scientific and technological projects and other technological breakthroughs have achieved a series of technological innovation achievements.

Zhongtian Petrochemical and HELI Group manufacturer Zhongtian Petrochemical and HELI Group for sale

Adhere to integrity, innovate, and strive for excellence. In years of development practice, the company has continuously promoted the construction of its independent innovation system, continuously improving its ability to create, apply, protect, and manage intellectual property rights, in order to build its core competitiveness. The company has continuously increased investment in research and development funds, and has obtained a series of core patent technologies such as invention patents for biodegradable lubricating oil series, environmentally friendly phosphate ester flame resistant hydraulic oil series, and modified nano calcium carbonate lubricating oil series, maintaining a leading position in the same industry. The company's product brand "Nuoberun" trademark has been recognized as a famous trademark in Anhui Province, and the "Fumantian" trademark has been recognized as a well-known trademark in China and included in the first batch of Anhui Provincial Trademark Protection List. In 2022, the company was awarded the Anhui American Brand Demonstration Enterprise. Technological innovation and brand creation are the continuous sources of our company's intellectual property rights, and are also our core advantages in leading the market!

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