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  • Special White Grease -2
  • white grease
  • Special White Grease
  • Special White Grease -2
  • 润滑油
  • Special White Grease -2
  • white grease
  • Special White Grease
  • Special White Grease -2
  • 润滑油

Special White Grease

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    1# 2# 3#
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    320g, 400g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 12kg, 15kg, 170kg,180kg
Product characteristics

This product is white and delicate, which can reduce environmental pollution. It has low starting torque and running torque, which can meet the running requirements of the bearing at a very high speed with a DN value of 600,000. It has strong adhesion to metal friction pairs and can effectively Protect bearings from corrosion and pitting.


1.Good high temperature resistance;
2.Good water and rust resistance;
3.Good extreme pressure and wear resistance.


This product is suitable for the lubrication and protection of various high-speed rolling bearings, precision machine tool bearings, textile machinery bearings and instruments.

Operating temperature range: -30°C~130°C

Wide application range of our products:

What are the advantages of customizing the suitable lubricating products?

  • Suitable lubricating products can better reduce the noise of mechanical operation.
  • Suitable lubricating products can provide long-term lubrication and protection for equipment.
  • Suitable lubricating products can fit specific use case. For example, high temperature, low temperature, heavy load, dielectric and other use case.
  • Suitable lubrication products can better fit your equipment, improving energy efficiency, reducing maintenance costs,and extending the equipment's lifespan.

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Item Quality Index Testing Method
  1# 2# 3#  
Apperance White smooth even ointment Visual Inspection
Working cone penetration,0.1mm 310~340 265~295 220~250 GB/T269
Dropping point,℃               ≧    170 175 180 GB/T4929
Copper corrosion(T2 copper,100℃,24h) The copper sheet has no green or black change GB/T7326
Oxidation Stability(100℃,100h,0.77MPa)Pressure drop MPa ≦ 0.070 0.070 0.070 SH/T0325
Steel mesh oil separation(100℃,24h)/%                  ≦ 10 5 5 SH/T0324
Evaporation(99℃,22h)/%                     ≦ 2 2 2 SH/T0337
Water loss(38℃,1h)/%                  ≦ 8 8 8 SH/T0109
Anti-corrosion resistance (52℃,48h)                 Qualified Qualified Qualified GB/T5018
The physical property values above are typical of normal production and may vary.
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Company Advantages

Technical Support

The company has advanced lubricating oil, grease laboratory, the application of international first-class experimental equipment, testing equipment, analysis equipment, complete functions. It has established close school-enterprise cooperation with 13 research institutions such as Tsinghua University, USTCM and Academy of Stone Sciences. The company has completed a variety of projects approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology

Production Guarantee

The company has an advanced lubricating oil intelligent production line, with an annual output of 200,000 tons of lubricating oil production capacity, and the products are grease, lubricating oil two series of more than 800 subdivided varieties.

Raw Material Guarantee

In terms of raw materials, it selects base oil from large international refineries such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Ssangyong, GS, Formosa Plastics, petrochina, Sinopec, etc., and additives from well-known international companies such as Afton, UN Yingli, Lubrizol, Chevron, etc.

Service Advantage

The company put forward "technology pre - personalized lubrication". Based on the user's equipment, usage scenario and specific needs, the company recommends reasonable oil recommendations. Combined with the use of the user's equipment for users to customize special lubrication products, to solve the user's lubrication pain points, to achieve personalized lubrication.

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    How to ensure a good after-sales experience?


    small order and urgent order is available, we offer 15 days fast delivery,Small order and urgent order is available, we offer 15 days fast delivery.

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    How long is your delivery time?


    Generally it is 3-7 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 10-20 days if the goods are not in stock, also according to the order quantity.

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    Do you provide samples ? Is it free or extra ?


    Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge(under 1kg), need customer afford the freight.

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    How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?


    1. We keep good quality and offer a competitive price to ensure your benefit and the competetion in your market. 2. We respect every customer as our sincere friend and do business by win-win spirit.

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