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Zhongtian Petrochemical participated in the Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition, showing its ingenuity and wisdom



From November 28th to December 1st, 2018, the world's second largest auto parts brand exhibition - Automechanika Shanghai, was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) as scheduled. This year's exhibition covers an area of 350,000 square meters, attracting 6,269 exhibitors from 43 countries and regions. It is the largest exhibition in history.

Anhui Zhongtian Petrochemical Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibition as a well-known professional manufacturer of lubricating grease in China. At this exhibition, Zhongtian Petrochemical exhibited a variety of high-end vehicle lubricants and greases, among which SN series fully synthetic engine oil and automatic transmission oil became a highlight of the audience, attracting many domestic and foreign merchants to stop, And carry out in-depth cooperation negotiations. The SN series fully synthetic gasoline and engine oil developed by Zhongtian Petrochemical uses imported base oil and additives, and the oil change interval is as long as 10,000 kilometers; the automatic transmission oil has outstanding anti-wear and anti-corrosion capabilities, providing excellent protection for the transmission system , Extend working life. In addition, automotive hub grease, general-purpose lithium grease for automobiles, high-grade anti-wear hydraulic oil and other products have also attracted the attention of Chinese and foreign customers with their high-efficiency lubricating properties.

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Since its establishment in 1998, Zhongtian Petrochemical has been focusing on technological innovation and continuously increasing investment in scientific research. As the sponsor of Anhui Lubricating Grease Engineering Technology Research Center and Anhui Provincial Lubricating Grease Standardization Technical Committee, Zhongtian Petrochemical has domestic advanced technology research and development platforms, qualifications and strengths, and has successively won the "National High-tech Enterprise", "China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Industrial Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" and other honors.

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Participating in the Shanghai Frankfurt Exhibition this time provides a good opportunity for Zhongtian Petrochemical to understand the needs of domestic and foreign customers and promote information exchange and cooperation in the industry. In the future, Zhongtian Petrochemical will continue to adhere to the service concept of "meeting users' requirements and exceeding users' expectations", focusing on global development trends, and under the banner of high-end, branding, intelligence, and service-oriented era, we will jointly seek the automotive aftermarket The road to reform and upgrading.

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